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Lawn & Garden Garden Arbors & Trellises | Minuteman International 36-in W x 95-in H Graphite Powder Coat Garden Trellis EV71498
  • TRADITIONAL LATTICE STYLE FREE STANDING TRELLIS: This beautiful lattice trellis has a simple design with narrow enough spacing for plants to easily find their way up, use it for all climbing plants-vining vegetables, perennials, or annual blooming vines

  • EASY AND VERSATILE: Unlike a classic lattice or arbor this lattice is free-standing and lets outdoor climbing plants climb up with relative ease as they grow healthy and strong

  • CLASSIC GRAPHITE CORROSION RESISTANT FINISH: Made of wrought iron that is sealed leaving a hard finish that won’t chip or corrode easily and will last more than just one season, the coating is not rough, but it is not entirely smooth, giving your climbing

  • DIMENSIONS: Measures 93 inch H by 36 inch W, made of slim materials, yet extremely sturdy and does not require netting or ties to keep the plants on its surface

  • WARRANTY INCLUDED: All items have a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty

For any avid gardener or plant lover, finding enough vertical space for your climbing vines, flowers, vegetables, or runners can be a challenge. Many people choose traditional wrought iron trellises and arbors for combination of strength with style. A Lattice Trellis by ACHLA Designs, has the functionality of a sturdy trellis, and is a versatile and attractive garden element. The Freestanding and Wall-Mounted options are suitable for small and large gardens alike, allowing you to provide support for showy blooming vines, create a green plant screen, or give your garden some privacy.

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