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Lawn & Garden Irrigation Repair | Orbit 3/4-in Plastic Electric Anti-Siphon Irrigation Valve FD55218
  • Protect potable water: anti-siphon valve prevents backflow by allowing water to flow only one way

  • Universal connection: works with standard residential 24-volt sprinkler systems

  • Flow control: adjusts the amount of water flow to the sprinklers

  • Manual on/off bypass lever: ideal for testing and flushing sprinkler lines

  • Easy setup: quick and simple to install

This anti-siphon valve from Orbit prevents unsafe water currently resting in sprinkler system pipes from being siphoned back into the home, keeping you and your drinking water safe from harmful waterborne parasites and toxic chemicals. This dependable and easy-to-use sprinkler valve will protect your clean water supply from contamination for years to come.

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