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Lawn & Garden Irrigation Repair | Rain Bird 3/4-in MNPT x 3/4-in MNPT Riser HP55768
  • 3/4-in male pipe thread

  • 2-in long PVC riser

  • Plastic construction for flexibility and impact resistance

  • Makes it easy to position spray heads flush with lawns

  • Works with any 3/4 in. rotors and canister impacts

  • For underground or above-ground connections

  • Get the water over tall plants

  • Great for gardens and slopes

  • UV resistant black PVC

Rain Bird RISER2_075 PVC Spray Head Riser, 3/4" Male Pipe Thread x 3/4" Male Pipe Thread, 2" Length. This 3/4" diameter riser is the perfect choice for underground or above-ground connections. 2” long fixed black-colored PVC riser with 3/4” male pipe threaded (MPT) ends. Ideal for elevating spray nozzles to clear obstacles or taller plants such as shrubs and bushes; excellent for use in flower beds, mass plantings and ground cover. Compatible with all Rain Bird matched precipitation rate (MPR) spray and shrub nozzles. Fits all brands of 3/4” inlet sized impact sprinklers, pop-up sprays, and rotors. Black color helps riser blend into foliage. Rain Bird “The Intelligent Use of Water”

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