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Flooring | Norsk Driftwood Foam Tile (4-Pack) TK18432
  • Quality/Construction: Made from patented co-polymer foaming processes and proprietary multi-layer surface coating technology with fashionable wood grain patterns that exude a sense of realism not found in other faux wood foam tile products

  • A perfect option for adding relevant and leading edge design and décor for home and business environments

  • Ultimate Flexibility: A dual sided feature that allows for optional discretionary use of a second black colored side with an anti-slip texture for optional or extended use in alternative environments or applications

  • Tested for Children’s Product Safety for ages 3 and up

  • Tools Needed: assembles in minutes with interlocking teeth Trim with a utility knife and straight edge where needed

Norsk Reversible Faux Wood foam floor mats were artfully designed from trending wood grain patterns. Our fashion forward foam tiles are fitting for business or home use and come in five wood grain color options with a black textured reverse side. Made from the highest quality virgin materials, this design is an environmentally sustainable interlocking flooring solution. This set includes four mats and eight straight edge borders to provide a finished, uniformed look. Each interlocking mat is 0.47-inches thick and measures 24-inches (L) by 24-inches (W) for a total coverage of 16-square feet. Each tiles come with 2 removable straight edge border pieces. These mats are NOT COMPATIBLE with any other styles of Norsk Foam Mats. Pointed high-heel shoes can damage or puncture these mats. Colors and shading may vary based on manufacturing dates and unavoidable shading variances that are a byproduct of the manufacturing process. All high-density mats will expand and contract when used outdoors under extreme temperatures and are not UV stable. Continuous exposure to harsh sunlight and high temperatures will fade and breakdown the mat composition shortening their useful life, therefore it is not recommended that they be used in permanent outdoor installations. Not recommended for garage use where vehicles will be parked, as these mats are not designed for use under vehicles. Installation underneath heavy exercise equipment will permanently indent this product but will not impact the intended use. Not recommended for children's play areas where equipment is being used requiring Fall Zone product specifications - please check your local governmental regulations for product requirements in Fall Zone Areas.

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