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Flooring | QuietWarmth 16-in x 60-in Cream/Black 120-Volt Underfloor Heating Mat RH39993
  • Can be cut to length with a pair of scissors

  • Underfloor warming mat system installs between existing floor joists; from available crawl space or basement beneath

  • Keep your existing floors you love, simply staple the perfectly sized mats between existing floor joist beneath the flooring

  • Heat will radiate upward to heat existing flooring

  • Thin and flexible film technology provides cozy and gentle heat

  • Simple to install, no messy mortars or glues

  • Efficient heat, only costing pennies per day to operate

  • Maintenance free design, control floor temperature with a floor sensing thermostat

  • Works under any type of flooring, including nail-down hardwood and carpets

QuietWarmth radiant heat film for under subfloors is the perfect solution to add comfort and warmth to any existing flooring, including nail-down wood floors. Simply place the mats between the subfloor joist and run pre-attached lead wires to an available thermostat. Since it's an electric floor heating system, there are no hot water pipes to worry about, thick electrical cables to bury in cement, and most of all no messy installation. Retrofit radiant heat to your existing floors to comfort and warmth to any room in the house.

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