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Flooring | SunTouch 1.33-in x 8-in Orange-Blue 120-Volt Underfloor Heating Mat SC81584
  • Installed indoors under a wood sub floor between the joists in residential and light commercial applications

  • Easy staple-up installation between floor joists

  • Used under wood, vinyl, carpet, laminates, and tile floor coverings

  • Provide up to 15 degrees F more warmth on most floors and 6 to 10 degrees F more warmth on carpet

  • Highest quality heating wire provides corrosion, temperature, and abrasion resistance to promote long wear

SunTouch® UnderFloor mat is a series resistance heating cable assembled into a foil "radiator" surface.The UnderFloor (TM) mat is used to warm existing floors, without requiring replacement of floor coverings or a complex renovation. This 8 Ft. by 16 In. UnderFloor mat is simply stapled to floor joists. It works under any type of floor covering, including nail-down hardwood and can be used year-round to warm floors in homes and commercial buildings, providing up to 15 degrees F more warmth on most floors and between 6 and 10 degrees F more warmth on carpet. It connects to 120 volt AC power.

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