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Lawn & Garden Thermometer Clocks & Gauges | Logia 7-in-1 Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Weather Station and Solar Panel CF98147
  • Measures temperature, rainfall data, humidity, and more

  • Longer battery life with built-in solar panel

  • Compatible with online weather data servers

  • LCD display screen with dimmable backlight

Don’t rely on weather channels that give you broad forecasts anymore. Always know when it’s raining, snowing, and so much more right at home with the Logia 7-in-1 Wireless Weather Station with Wi-Fi® and Solar Panel.……Set up this weather station and get an informative and accurate forecast around your neighborhood. With this station, you’ll always know when it is a good day to go fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.……The weather station comes with an outdoor and indoor sensor. This way you’ll know the temperature not only outside, but inside your house. The included hygro-thermo sensor will tell you the indoor temperature and humidity. And the wireless 7-in-1 sensor will tell you even more details happening outside like temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, UV, and more.……Have accurate forecasts for years with the sensor’s long battery life and built-in solar panel. Capture all weather details and upload your weather data to compatible weather servers like Weather Underground and Weathercloud. Monitor weather conditions in your area like never before.

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