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Bathroom Toilet Bowls | VOVO STYLEMENT One Piece Bidet Toilet UV-A LED White Square Standard Height Toilet Bowl GS61534
  • PREMIUM ONE-PIECE TOILET BIDET FEATURES: Auto deodorization UV-A Sterilization LED, warm seat, warm water, and warm air dryer with a wireless remote controller, and the self-cleaning full stainless nozzle performing posterior, feminine, and turbo wash

  • AUTOMATIC OPEN/CLOSE LID: Automatically opening the lid when approached while closing the lid after the user walks away by using the smart motion detect sensor

  • AUTOMATIC DUAL FLUSH: Providing hands-free operation via the smart sensor which detects the user seating, differentiating small and large flushes based on the seat time (small flush - less than 2 mins, large flush - more than 2 mins)

  • TANKLESS FLUSHING SYSTEM: Directly connecting to the pipe allows clean operation without creating any stale water, and the high pressure flushing, Tornado Wash, efficiently cleans the inner rim and inner bowl 1.12 GPF (For 35 PSI)

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGNED WIDER SEAT: The ergonomically wide design seat (3+1=4 inches) provides comfort toilet use

  • ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Not only the amount of toilet paper, VOVO's auto dual flush system also uses the least possible amount of water needed for saving the environment

  • The Uniform Plumbing Code (cUPC) certified

  • ETLus certified

  • Made in Korea

Introducing STYLEMENT integrated smart bidet toilet from VOVO. This new innovated toilet system has been produced with a very contemporary design and the latest technology. STYLEMENT new advanced and luxurious toilet system will totally change your bathroom experience.

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