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Bathroom Toilet Seats | VOVO STYLEMENT White Elongated Slow-Close Heated Bidet Toilet Seat OF65972
  • Side control unit functions: smart side control panel with easy one touch operation of bidet functions, has 3 levels of heated seat, warm water and dryer, and 5 levels of different nozzle position and water pressure, user friendly design

  • Energy efficient: smart eco-friendly energy saving product with automatic power save mode, reduces power and energy consumption, promotes paperless use, caring for the environment

  • LED nightlight: soft shining subtle LED nightlight shines from the inner bowl to enhance comfortable use during night time

  • Full stainless nozzle: performs feminine, posterior, and turbo wash functions, rhythmic movement and 5 different nozzle positions, one touch self-cleaning and semi-permanent use of nozzle

  • Easy install: quick and easy DIY installation product comes with installation guide, 2-years limited manufacturer warranty and electrical installation videos for additional assistance

VOVO Corporation was established in 2002 as a home appliances manufacturer and is producing integrated toilet, seat bidet and air purifiers. All VOVO's products are made and quality tested in South Korea. Using high quality materials and engineering skills, VOVO's products provide long lasting comfort and convenience to the users. VOVO VB-2500W/VB-2600W products are affordable yet advanced smart electronic bidet seats. Our products are advanced functioning capable of preforming most if not all functions of high-end bidet seats at an economic price. With premium and luxurious design, the easy DIY installation method makes it an instant change of an ordinary bathroom to a luxurious hotel spa. VOVO's products can be easily and conveniently used for all genders under all physical circumstances. VOVO's products are capable of feminine wash, posterior wash, and enema wash at five different pressure levels. Oscillation and massage can be performed at 5 different nozzle positions. The product comes with three different levels of heated seat, dryer and water. The full stainless nozzle preforms various functions through one nozzle three holes design, and the subtle LED nightlight guides users to the restroom during dark night times.

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